We make games.

What We Do

Game development

If you have an idea for a game, we can build it, wrap it in a bow* and give it back to you. Or we can help you self-publish it.
*there is no bow.

Production consultancy

We can share decades of advice with you on all aspects of game development. We can also manage relationships with platform holders and or publishers on your behalf.

Des Gayle

Founder and Producer

Des Gayle is a video game producer with decades of experience. Having worked with EA, Microsoft, Crytek and Square Enix throughout his career, Des has seen the highs and lows the gaming industry has to offer. He is also an ambassador for SpecialEffect, and trustee for GamesAid and a supporter of games industry outreach into schools.

If you'd like to follow him on Twitter, his username is @kid_desimo.