We make games.

Altered Gene is a remote development studio headquartered in the UK. Our mission is to craft omni-channel games and experiences using the core pillars of story, quality and accessibility.

The team is currently working on building a story-verse spanning five individual projects.

Production consultancy

We can share decades of advice with you on all aspects of game development. We can also manage relationships with platform holders and or publishers on your behalf.

Des Gayle

Founder and Producer

Before starting his own development studio, Des built up a wealth of experience on both the publishing and development sides of making video games having got started over 20 years ago. He has worked with a number of the games industry's leading products: at Microsoft he worked on the launch of the original Xbox, he helped EA for five years supporting their development teams, he managed R&D at Crytek’s European offices and was also the producer for Square Enix Collective. His breakout project was working on the original Life Is Strange series that won a BAFTA and other awards.

Des is passionate about inclusion and loves building and running effective, diverse teams. He is particularly interested in forging links between the games industry and education to inspire the next wave of game creators.

If you'd like to follow him on Twitter, his username is @kid_desimo.